“Welcome to ‘I Love Your Jacket!’ – A specialist boutique for barely worn, authentically vintage ladies jackets.

A vintage jacket can make any outfit stand out. There’s nothing quite like the finishing touch that the right vintage jacket can add to your ensemble. A vintage jacket can totally transform your look. Whether it be a striking cut, a stiffened collar, or a big shoulder, there’s definitely something about a vintage jacket. Get the jacket right and heads will turn.

With vintage, comes quality (let’s face it, clothes just aren’t made in the same way anymore) and when you buy a vintage piece that’s been looked after by its previous wearer(s), you are likely to get an entire lifetime of your own, out of it. That’s the beauty of old school apparel craftmanship.

Then there’s the special feeling you get from the moment you take it home. Knowing that no-one else will have the jacket you’ve just got your mitts on, so you get to showcase it all by yourself. Kind of like a one off designer piece. You just can’t buy that kind of exclusivity on the high street and you do feel quite smug in the process. 

Add all this to the glory, that you’re giving the environment a helping hand too and it totally turns into a shopping experience that fast fashion or the high street, can’t give.

So keeping all of the above in mind, hang your high street coat, that every other person has, up and have a little wander around this lil ’boutique of unique’.

We hope you’ll fall in love with a vintage jacket within these pages and if you need some persuading, check out our reviews here and follow us on Instagram for a closer look at current stock on highlights and stories.”

Click here to see the current collections. I like to call them ‘problems’. Really good problems to have. 

– Amira 

Founder of ‘I Love Your Jacket!’