Welcome to ‘I Love Your Jacket!’ – A specialist boutique for barely worn, authentically vintage ladies jackets.

A vintage jacket can make any outfit stand out. There is nothing quite like the finishing touch that the right vintage jacket can add to your ensemble and the feeling of ‘special’ you get every time you wear it. A vintage jacket can make the outfit, transform it from casual to dressy, or add some edge to something more plain. Whether it be a striking cut, or a quirky design, there’s something about a good vintage jacket. Get the jacket right and heads will turn!

Then there’s the unique feeling you get from ‘Vintage’-knowing that no-one will have the jacket you are wearing, so you get to showcase it all by yourself.  Kind of like a one off designer piece!

We hope you fall in love with a vintage jacket within these pages.

Hang your coat and have a wander.


*All photo’s on this website were taken by Rahsaan Jas and make up done by EVM Makeup  (we HIGHLY recommend them both!)